Monday, March 23, 2009

Food in brief, all spasmy like

It is Monday morning. Officially spring, the birds are singing, the weather is improving and I am loving the fact that it is light past 7 pm now. This morning, however, I was greeted with a back spasm of horrific proportions. So I'm going to the chiro as soon as I can get an appointment. Nonetheless, I didn't want to leave you hanging, as I've been a little absent since EDtF ended. A new post is in the works, do not fear.

In the meantime...

~ As busy as I've been, I failed to notice until now the shout out that Ashvegas gave me a week ago. Thanks, Ashvegas! Neat.

~ Have you ever heard of fufu flour? Me neither, until this weekend. It is flour made from, among other ingredients, dehydrated tubers of the elephant's ear plant and cassava. Oh, the wonders of a well-traveled kitchen.

~ While I'm at it, here's more news straight from Ashvegas: The space that housed (New) Old Europe is being reborn into a (New) New Orleans inspired bar and eatery called The Sazerac. While I don't care for the cocktail (rye whiskey is not my thing), I love New Orleans and Creole food! Stay tuned...

~ I am working away on my new website. Lots of tweaking yet to be done, but already it looks pretty incredible. I would say that in the next week or so things will be complete. Patience!

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