Monday, March 16, 2009

Food in brief, the local edition

Looks like Monday is lending itself well to a brief round-up of what's going on around these parts.

~ Nona Mia has shot to the top of my Asheville Italian list. A full review is coming, but man oh man do they serve delicious food. No website, can't seem to find a menu online, but trust me. They have worked out their kinks since the original review was published.

~ Appalachian Vintner is open for business and humming along. Excellent, thoughtful, well-organized wine selection. You can tell that this place is run by people with a passion, not only for wine but for connecting people to wine. They host an indoor tailgate market every Saturday from 10-3. Website is still in production, but they do have a Facebook page that's getting a lot of love. Go show 'em some.

~ I had the opportunity to meet and speak with David Mason, owner of Black Mountain Chocolate. Super nice guy with an awesome "So how'd you come to Asheville?" story.

~Various discoveries at App Vintner (including some delectable raw honey from Sweet Betty Bee's) led to a Saturday afternoon brunch of scrambled eggs with Spinning Spider Creamery Chevre, grape tomatoes, green onions and cilantro with a side of Trumpeter Malbec Syrah. And pretzels dipped in Lusty Monk mustard. And nun's puffs. Funny, I just noticed the religious theme. Nuns and monks make for a tasty Saturday.

~ EDtF is still in progress. After a brief departure on Saturday (App Vintner + Nona Mia = can you blame me?), Monday marks Day 7. Huzzah!


  1. Umm, excuse me, you cannot pimp the nun's puffs without even mentioning my brilliance!! :D (That's my giddy face. I'm kind of giddy.)

  2. @Nikki I mention you so often I figured the next step was to either take a break or have you write up a short bio so people know who this strange person is. Seriously though, they turned out well. I was impressed with the eggy insides. And I left out the beets. Ah, well.